AP Automation October 14, 2021

3-Way Matching: The Process AP Teams Need for Efficiency

Accounting processes vary in complexity, and as the business world requires accuracy and speed, legacy systems aren’t as effective as they once were. Accounts payable ...
AP Automation October 08, 2021

Shifting the Standards of Success for AP Automation

Many CFOs believe that at least 25% of their time is spent improperly on manual tasks. To be a great CFO, it is clear that reprioritization is necessary: less time needs ...
AP Automation September 14, 2021

AP Automation: The Secret Weapon of the Controller

The controllers of today must be able to hand off the auditing and invoice management tasks in order to make more time for long term planning and goal setting. In fact, ...
AP Automation July 27, 2021

Harnessing Automation to Thrive as a Modern CFO

The role of the CFO in a post-pandemic world has become more critical than ever. Today’s CFOs are tasked with leading the way for new operational e ...
AP Automation July 07, 2021

4 Invoice Errors Your Team Won't Catch Without AI

What proactive and reactive methods does your company have in place to prevent paying accidental and fraudulent supplier overcharges? Some financial automation systems ar ...
AP Automation June 22, 2021

The Time Saver of the Year for CFOs, Controllers, and AP teams

If you read our previous blog post about how CFOs can save on  time and money spent by finance teams, you know that both are incredibly valuable. But, skimping on e ...
AP Automation May 25, 2021

The Top 6 Things that Automated Auditing Technology Checks For

Invoice auditing that is worthwhile must be more than a quick glance and a sign off when it comes to processing large quantities of money. But, accountants and finance t ...
AP Automation April 03, 2021

5 Reasons to Automate Auditing of Your Supplier Invoices

The right freight invoice auditing process is critical if you want to control high shipping costs. Are you ready to avoid supplier overcharge and rea ...
AP Automation February 24, 2021

Invoice Reconciliation and the Future of Accounts Payable Automation

As you start scaling your company and finance team, what can you do to improve your accounting processes at a lower cost? Luckily, technology has begun to evolve to tack ...


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