Vishnu Rajamanickam

Vishnu is an independent transport and logistics journalist, appearing on different news outlets, including Business Insider, FreightWaves, American Shipper, and Yahoo Finance. He predominantly writes commentaries in the maritime and trucking niche, detailing freight-tech trends and reporting on the current logistics environment. He also runs a newsletter where he connects with key stakeholders within the freight industry, profiles startups, and brings perspective from thought leaders in the freight space.

AP Automation December 02, 2021

Streamlining Rail Freight Invoices Boosts Profitability

Companies have always sought the quickest, most cost-effective way to ship heavy freight long distances. While technology has evolved the logistics sector, rail has cont ...
Auditing November 09, 2021

What You Didn’t Know About Post-Audit and Second-Audit for Freight Invoices

While auditing freight bills is not a glamorous part of operations, it is— without question—a critical plug to accounting that enables businesses to ensure invoices ...
Auditing August 23, 2021

Eliminating Invoice Complications With Freight Audit

While the trucking business has little complexity involved within its own operations, the broader industry has no dearth in complications arising from seemingly straight ...