Matthew Tillman

Matthew Tillman is the founder of OpenEnvoy, a SaaS FinTech company eliminating AP fraud through automation and a Founding Partner at TNT Ventures. He began his life in startups as an engineer and has held executive or founder positions in e-commerce, finance, AdTech, and logistics. He lives in the mountains in Nevada with his wife and daughter, spends time working with artists, and occasionally races cars.

AP Automation July 27, 2021

Harnessing Automation to Thrive as a Modern CFO

The role of the CFO in a post-pandemic world has become more critical than ever. Today’s CFOs are tasked with leading the way for new operational efficiencies as well ...
Thought Leadership January 26, 2021

Found Pennies, a $500B+ Opportunity

Twenty years ago there were men on trading floors wearing yellow jackets screaming at one another negotiating a price in real-time. These trades had to be verified by th ...
Thought Leadership January 13, 2021

The Smart Way to Audit Invoices

It’s time to automate invoice auditing and improve your bottom-line. Controllers, VPs of Finance, and CFOs know there’s money to be protected and saved by reviewing ...