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3 Reasons Why Your Finance Team Needs Spend Visibility

To successfully navigate increasingly complex and challenging business problems, finance leaders must precisely track, monitor, and control financial transactions.

Courtney James

To successfully navigate increasingly complex and challenging business problems, finance leaders must precisely track, monitor, and control financial transactions.

To successfully navigate increasingly complex and challenging business problems, finance leaders must precisely track, monitor, and control financial transactions. End-to-end spend visibility is necessary for maintaining a financially healthy business. Businesses can leverage real-time data to break down cash flow blocks, halt spending leaks, and have operational agility during times of disruption. 

In the post-pandemic business environment, organizations better understand the importance of real-time spending visibility, but many have yet to invest in solutions that produce sophisticated insights. 

Here Are The 3 Most Notable Benefits of Spend Visibility:

Holistic View Of Company Spend

With a holistic view of spending, finance and accounting teams can see how money flows into and out of the organization in real-time. To get the best oversight possible, teams need a comprehensive set of tools that manage their data and allow them to visualize the implications of their spending.

The right data solution will be able to empower finance executives and teams to: 

  • Leverage configurable, advanced data dashboards to display the financial information most valuable to them.
  • Monitor spending in real-time to support accounting team members and controllers in determining their monthly cash flow needs.
  • View, manage and track disputes with vendors to ensure that wasted spending is eliminated. 
  • Compare, track, and quantify spending data to measure vendor billing performance over time and support ongoing contractual negotiations. 

Enhanced Organizational Efficiency

Improving your finance team’s visibility of company spending can boost organizational efficiency as well. Spend visibility enables finance teams to become more proficient in managing the processes they oversee and supports them in completing tasks more accurately. Optimizing accounts payable (AP) processes directly impacts spend visibility, and the team’s ability to access robust spend analytics. AP teams act as the gatekeeper for all company outflows, and when AP processes are inefficient or inaccurate, it is hard to generate reliable data. The latest real-time AP automation technology, stabilizes invoice processing and helps finance teams better predict monthly cash flows. Real-time AP automation audits each invoice, logs all transactions, and generates spend data immediately. With instant, reliable data finance teams can make more informed judgments. When looking for a technology that provides detailed spend data, finance leaders should look to invest in easy-to-deploy, lightweight solutions to avoid the need for lengthy onboarding processes or third-party services. 

Finance executives and leaders can get their teams up and running quickly with software that fits their needs. The latest spend insight tools should integrate with your existing internal resources seamlessly. 

Stronger Supplier Relationships 

It is important to note the benefits of spend data goes beyond the ability to oversee financial processes, it can also support stronger vendor relationships. Finance and procurement teams can capitalize on data to develop better sourcing and procurement strategies. Through meaningful insights, accounting teams can proactively highlight wasteful expenditures and create opportunities for consolidation, which ultimately leads to additional cost savings. 

Moreover, spend insights give finance teams the ability to track and monitor vendor billing performance. Accounts payable teams can view vendor billing history over time to quickly spot suppliers who tend to submit invoices with billing issues and take action quickly. With this granular level of control, it becomes easier to track discrepancies, investigate pricing variances, and spot areas for improvements.

Unlock Real-Time Spend Insights with OpenEnvoy

When the finance team has control and visibility over company spending, the entire organization wins. Real-time, comprehensive data allows teams to fully understand what they are spending and where to draw insightful conclusions that can lead to more cost-effective decision-making. 

OpenEnvoy is a cutting-edge data spend visibility solution that offers companies of all sizes a way to take complete control of their spending. Your accounting and finance team can take their spend analysis to the next level with dashboards that offer an all-encompassing view of company spending and the option to view individual categories at a granular level for actionable insights. All of the data is generated directly from your vendor network. 

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